The Kind of Friends

by - February 12, 2014

We are not the "touchy" kind of friends.
We don't hug every time we see each other.
We don't have to do biso-biso and send each other kisses everytime we say goodbye.

We don't go partying every weekend nights.
We don't go watch bands together.
We can't get everyone to watch and like the same movie or music.
We have different interests and beliefs.
Although one thing is common for sure: we all love food... but everyone just doesn't feel like paying. XD

We don't flatter each other with compliments.
We don't use sugar-coated words to give advices.
We prefer being harsh and honest, though trying hard not to be tactless.
We call each other stupid names without getting insulted.

We might not share all our secrets.. and everyone respects that.
We may have girl and guy troubles but we don't really take sides.
We can't give the best of advices...
Nevertheless, we are always there to hear each one out.

We never see each other often.
We have not even talked for a while.
But once we meet, we always relive memories, as if they happened not so long ago.

We are the kind of friends who are not always physically available.
The kind wherein we don't need to get updated up to the littlest detail of each other's lives.

But no matter the distance or the time, we know we still always have each other. (:
That's just the kind of friends we are.

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