Society: Kinds of People You Meet While Riding a Jeepney

by - July 04, 2014

I remember the times I was new to riding a jeepney. I could not even understand what 13C, 62B, 04L stands for! I thought those were like organization or garage numbers.

Source: ChurvAYA

Now, it has become my primary means of transportation especially if the family car isn't available.

While riding a jeepney, I get to meet a lot of different people. Here are some of them.

The "I-Can't-Put-My-Phone-Down" Guy
These people are on their phones the whole ride! They could be texting, playing, or calling someone from the time they rode the jeepney until they get off.

The Spy
This is the kind of people who reads text messages of people beside them.

The "I-Don't-Care-If-You're-There" Girl
These are usually girls who don't care if they are already leaning on you as long as they sit comfortably while facing front.

The Music Lover
Earphones on. World off.

The Deaf
Hand them the fare and they'll pretend they can't hear you.

The Performers
They ride the jeepney saying they don't have ill intentions, then they start singing.

The Hangers
These people are really just the "kapyot" guys.

The Little Drummer Boy
These are music lovers who can't resist from hitting those imaginary drums.

The Sleepy-Heads
These are people who are asleep while riding the jeepney.

The Loud Crowd
This is a group of people who are having their loud chit-chats and laughs as if they are the only people inside.

The Criminal Minds
They have ill plans of taking someone else's belongings while inside the jeepney.

The Shawarma
Smells like shawarma.

These are just some of the people I get to see while riding a jeepney.

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The Glued (added by April Christine Cuadra)
Those people who don't want to move on their spots even if there's an elderly person.

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  1. April Christine CuadraJuly 7, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    you got it right ayisharu! Then I wanted to add up something pa - The Glued. Those people who don't want to move on their spots even if there's an elderly person. tsk tsk tsk