Samboan Trip: Day 1

by - March 24, 2016

My SO and his friends planned a little trip to Samboan for the weekend. I and our not-so-little-anymore girl tagged along for the trip.


The group met at Cebu IT Park five in the morning and departed at six.  The whole trip took five hours. We ate our lunch and rested for a while whilst the rest are planning on which falls to go first.

The place we were staying, by the way, is an old house (imagine the Spanish era) which is owned by a relative of one of the group. It is located right at the center of Samboan which made things (ie. food, market, municipal hall, transportation) very accessible.
Some portraits state they're from 1929. Oooh.
After a quick rest, the group decided to go visit Kandayvic Falls first, located just three kilometers away from where we were staying. Locals said it was originally called “Kang Inday Marivic”. Who Marivic is? I ain’t sure.

And oh! I would advise you to have everything ready (apply sunscreen, swimwears or any gears) beforehand in case you are planning to go there and leave any unnecessary stuffs behind. There isn’t any changing rooms and lockers.

We rode a habal-habal, which took 10 minutes, then trek to the waterfalls for another 10 minutes. The trail seemed to be easy at first as we walked up but became harder when we were already going down a slope. I find it harder than the trail going to level 3 of Kawasan Falls (which I will be writing in a separate post). Part of the road was sandy and/or full of dried leaves which made it slippery. The left side is a cliff, too– full of plants of course so falling off won’t be as painful. Haha. Kidding!

We can already hear the gushing of the water. My legs were literally shaking here from the slope.
Trail here is already designed as a stairway. Steep, though.
When we finally arrived, the group looked for a spot where it would be perfect for a swim. The view may not be the type you would want to Instagram but the water is perfect for cooling down after walking for 10 minutes under the blazing sun. If you’re lucky, you would be swimming with black little froggy fishes, too. Sarcasm not intended.

There is also another spot on Kandayvic similar to the ones you would see when you go canyoneering at Badian. Perfect if you love plunging into the water.

After we had our fair share of experience at Kandayvic, we went back to the “Spanish house” and rested *again* for a while. Oh, about the habal-habal, it is better to negotiate with them what time you would like them to pick you up, or better yet, get their contact numbers. The habal-habal roundtrip costs Php100.

Going back up!
Then going back down.
Don't forget to apply sunblock!
Riding the habal-habal going back to Poblacion.
At five in the afternoon, the group proceeded to the beach. (YAY!)
It was a five-minute drive to a local beach. The landmark I remembered was a signage saying “National High School”.

We arrived at a perfect time! The sun was about to set and the beach is just lovely. It wasn’t just all sand. It’s also a WHITE PEBBLE BEACH as what I’d like to call it. The advantage is that the water remains clear even if I’d step on the seabed. It was just love at first sight.

It was already 9 when we went back to the “Spanish house”. The rest of the guys continued with their drinking session while I and my little lakwAkisa were already tucked in bed.


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