Pregnancy: How I Found Out

by - August 27, 2017

Finding out I was pregnant would always be one of my life's stories I love to tell!
All of my pregnancies come unexpected, thus it always seems to us as a life-changing surprise.

So how did I found out I was pregnant?

Planning to Take Pills

I was planning to take some birth control pills. And fortunately I found out before I could take any. Now, let me narrate the whole story in order.

Some time May of 2013, I had abnormal bleeding. I was advised to take some medicine to stop the bleeding. The meds worked! But then after a few months, my period stopped coming. All that time I thought it was because of the medication I had last May.

A friend was also having problems with her period. She said she's going to take some pills so that her period would come regularly. Then I remembered another friend who said she needed a pregnancy test first before buying pills. I thought a negative PT result was a requirement to buy pills so I bought PT kits. And to my surprise, it came out positive!

Not Ready

Being one who is not expecting and planning to have a baby, I was surprised, confused, and not ready. A lot of questions then come running into my mind.

How am I going to raise this child?
How will I tell my parents?
What's going to happen to my life now?
Parenting - Can I do this? Will I do this?

Life Changer

It was scary. Believe me, I was terrified. I was scared of change. I was scared that I will no longer be able to do things that I used to do or are still planning to do. It's like my life is definitely going to change forever.

I was used to staying late at night hanging out with friends. There is never a weekend that I won't go out. All I cared about was just to have fun with no specific life goal.

Everything changed when I knew I'm going to have a child.  I asked for direction and I guess this is the answer - be a parent.

Though it was scary, I embraced parenthood.
And it was a decision I will never ever regret.

Now I've got my little Akisa - a constant reminder that for everything I may have done wrong, there is a time I did something right.

Blame the Gym

We planned to finally say our vows on 2017 (this year). So to make sure we look "sexy" on our soon-to-be-wedding photos, we decided to have some actual fitness program.

A month after signing up, my period stopped coming again. Now for someone whose period always comes regularly, this would be quite odd.

I googled if sudden workout can affect a woman's menstruation. Search results would say that the body may see this as stress - and stress always affects a woman's menstrual cycle. So yea. I blamed the gym.

I continued my program but then gotten paranoid later on. What if the reason why my period stopped coming is because I was actually pregnant? I would love to continue my program but I wouldn't want to harm my child if ever there is.

Negative with a Faint Positive

I took a pregnancy test and the result came out negative. I was like "meh, ok" and continued with taking my bath. After my bath, I was about to throw the test out and well, guess what? A very faint line appeared making it look like a positive. I know I am not supposed to read results after five (5) minutes but it got me confused.

I took another pregnancy test and the same thing happened. It gave a negative result at first then becomes positive later on. I went to the OB for ultrasound just to make sure but then she told me it's really very early and she might misinterpret the ultrasound results.

After a few weeks, I returned to the OB and tadaan! I'm going to be a mother again!

This time I wasn't scared ... well maybe, I still am. But I was more of excited to have another child - and for my little girl to become a big sister! I immediately quit the gym because making sure the baby's healthy is more important than being "sexy" when walking down the aisle.

Love is Multiplied

Now I'm a mom of a toddler, and a newborn, and I'm going to have to deal with more dirty diapers and a lot more tantrums. But hey, I've also learned that I am capable of giving more love. That it's okay to not have favorites. I love both of my children very much and I'm sure they'll both be equally annoying some time in the future. Lol!

They may have come to my life in the most unexpected times yet these little bundles of joy mean the world to me. And they will forever be the most beautiful surprise God has given me.

Finding out about one's pregnancy will always be a treasured memory.

If you wish to share your story on how you found out about your pregnancy, feel free to comment below or send me a message.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post.Glad you took the surprise God threw at you in your stride. More power to You!

  2. Aww this is the sweetest post I am reading today, it made me nostalgic. I remember how after missing my periods (which generally do as I have PCOS) I would test every couple of days just in case it was because of someone sitting in there. Haha. Thanks for sharing your story. Loved reading it.

  3. Awwww! This got me all nostalgic. With my 2nd baby I remember thinking 'how am I going to tell mom' even though it really didn't matter.

    1. This happened to me with my first baby! I was too scared to tell my mom! I just waited for her to ask me if my bulging tummy means she's going to have another grandchild. XD

  4. This post took me back to my time. Loved reading your story. I can relate with it so well.

  5. What a lovely blog post. This took me back to my pregnancy days. I too was about to pop pills to let the periods come when I thought I'd check once and there he was. 😀

    1. Awww. ♥ Same thing happened. The difference was I took the pregnancy test not because I want to check if I'm having a baby (I was quite sure I was not pregnant XD) but because I thought negative PT result is a requirement to buy pills. So when it came out positive, I was shocked!

  6. You were planning to take pills, I had started taking them and Didn't know I was pregnant! Only when I stopped taking them and didn't get my period did I realize I was pregnant! Your post brought back memories :)

    1. If I have known that I don't need to present a negative PT result to the pharmacy, I could have taken the pills without knowing I was pregnant, too! :D

  7. Loved reading your post. Life throws surprises sometimes and we should be ready to accept them. Cheers :)

  8. We all mums have such experiences to share. I came to know about my both pregnancies during second month when I dint get my periods on time. Such is life. But I continued with my both pregnancies and went with the flow. :)

  9. Your post took me back to the time when I came to know about both my pregnancies. Interesting story.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this. So I have been to the gym for only 1 month exactly in my entire life..and then I found out that I was pregnant during that month! Reminded me of my own story

    1. This is exactly what happened to me!! Haha! I even paid for the second month in advance but I haven't used it because I found out I was pregnant with my second child. XD So it was only for an exactly 1 month that I've been to the gym.

  11. That was such a lovely read. Each mom has a story to tell and I absolutely loved reading yours.

  12. I had a similar experience with my first. We weren't trying but we weren't exactly not trying either. It was such a surprise to find out I was pregnant that I literally stared at the test and laughed for a good minute or two before I burst into tears hhahahaha. 4 years, and 3 kids later my husband and I are doing just fine and so are our crazy kids.

  13. My third child was my surprise blessing; a little boy joined my daughter's. It's wonderful how life gives us just what we need.

  14. We were trying to get pregnant, so I was taking tests pretty regularly. The weekend before I was able to take the next test, we went on a road trip and I made my husband finish my dinner because the chicken fingers I had ordered just tasted horrible to me. My husband swore they tasted fine, and he said later he suspected I may have been pregnant then. A few days later I took the test and it was positive. I threw dinner up all over the place that night and we believed it for real!