7 Changes From Single Life to Parenthood

by - September 15, 2017

Becoming a mother is a life-changer. When I found out that I'm about to have a child, I was scared because I knew this would bring about a lot of changes in my life.

Some of these changes include no longer being invited to drinking sessions, and just staying at home taking care of the children.
But it's okay.

Change is not a bad thing.
In fact, parenthood has made me a better person than I was I think xD.

So what are these changes in my life when I became a parent?
Asides from acquiring stretchmarks and baby belly, here are some noticeable changes that happened to me from single life to parenthood.

1. Staying Late at Night

Single Life. Staying late at night would mean drinking out with friends, singing our hearts out at karaoke, attending concerts or other social events, watching movies, and endless surfing on the internet. Nighttime seemed short when I was having fun. I used to think that nighttime is wasted on sleep.

Parenthood. Staying late at night as a parent means the toddler is all energetic and won't go to bed yet. Or could be because she's sick and I need to attend to all her crankiness needs. Baby gets hungry every two (2) hours or so and I need to get up to nurse him. Nighttime seems shorter cause I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep at all.

2. Phone Apps

Single Life. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Photo-editing apps. Game apps. Basically stuff that kept me from getting bored.

Parenthood. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Apps that play lullabies. Apps by Pinkfong and Babybus. Basically kid-friendly apps that would keep my toddler from running around and messing stuff. I have these apps grouped and labeled them with my kid's name. Pretty sure I'm not the only person who does this :p

3. Shopping and Grocery

Single Life. Back when I was single, I don't really do groceries. I only do if there are upcoming events or out-of-town-trips. I also don't like to go to department stores or any boutiques for shopping.

Parenthood. Now that I'm a parent, groceries would mean having to buy diapers, and milk! Whenever the husband says we're going shopping, the first place I would love to go is the kids section of the department store! I'd be all heart eyes with all the nice-to-have baby and toddler stuff. 

4. Going Out

Single Life. Going out doesn't require too much preparation. As long as I'm available and I have sufficient cash, then off I go. Extra clothes were always ready inside my car whenever there will be sudden overnights. 

Parenthood. A day out with the children would mean having to carry double since I have to bring my own stuff and my kids'. In fact, 90% of my bag would be baby and toddler stuff.
And then I would have to take the place into careful consideration: Will it be child-friendly? Will little Akisa like it there? Will Bae Blake feel comfortable? 

5. Room

Single Life. My room was a little cramped. It looked like a stockroom because a lot of unused stuff goes in there. I didn't really mind all of the mess as long as I still have some space to sleep on.

Parenthood. Since we're co-sleeping with our children, an area is specially allocated for them. Asides from having a husband who hates a room full of clutter, I had to keep things in order so that the room will be kid-friendly.

6. Social Media

Single Life. Facebook and Instagram contained rants and raves and selfies with life quotes and more rants. 

Parenthood. My kids are invading my Facebook and Instagram! I even had to set my Instagram account to private. I've also become active in Twitter since I became a parent cause I'm trying my best (keyword: trying) to spare my FB with all the rants. 

7. Blog

Single Life. The reason I started out a blog was because I love to make random write-ups. My first blog was entitled "time waits for no one.." with URL http://www.ayisharu.blogspot.com. It contained melodramatic posts about almost anything (even a stuck takyan). Then I renamed it to "Ayisharu [dot] com"  with URL http://www.ayisharu.com with more meaningful and maybe useful posts such as food trips and travels. 

Parenthood. It took me 10 years to finally decide on a niche and find a topic I would love to talk about! After my domain (which I used for nearly 6 years) expired, I purchased another which is the one I am currently using: www.outofneverland.com and renamed my blog to "Out of Never Land". Now, I will be writing more about my musings on married life and parenthood.

~ * ~

One mommy blogger (Ubengbaka Joy of The Purple Cow Adventures) also shared hers.

"My spending! Before I was kuripot and can easily tell myself I do not need something that I want especially if it's expensive. When I became a mom, the line between needs and wants became blurry already. I would spend on my blub without second thoughts. If it's expensive, I would justify the purchase.

My diet. Before pregnancy, I was a pescatarian / semi-vegetarian. But when I became pregnant, I introduced chicken and sometimes beef to my diet. Because I felt my son needed the nutrients from meat. Until now I never got back to being a pescatarian."

If you also wish to share your own personal changes from single life to parenthood, feel free to drop a message or comment below. 

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  1. I can totally relate to this post. I had so many changes that happened after I got married and when I became a mother to my son but I definitely love those beautiful changes .thanks for sharing this post

  2. These are pretty accurate! My phone is now filled with kid friendly apps. Even though I try to limit my son's screeentime, sometimes those apps are a life saver when I want to get things done lol

    1. True that! I would always prefer my toddler to play with her toys and with her cousins. But sometimes, it gets too noisy and messy so screen time to the rescue!

  3. Life is totally different between now and then. But you are doIng great. It took me a while to adjust into motherhood but now I feel like I have embraced it.

  4. this is a beautifully written post, depicting how a woman's life changes after being a parent. Some changes are for good and some definitely shake us a lot. But nonetheless its the most beautiful feeling to be a parent.

  5. Oh yes life changes after motherhood. The biggest change that it brought in my life is to start blogging. Motherhood gave me a direction to my life.

  6. Every word bang on - life does a 360 post baby... But a welcoming change never the less.. we share similar stories - my blog prior to the baby was called ekraahi and now it's dedicated to my life with my family :)

    1. A year ago, somebody asked me what's my niche. And I'm like "uhhh..."
      Now that I have my second child, I finally know in what direction my blog's going. :)

  7. Parenthood certainly does change you! But I wouldn't change it for a thing! I honestly think that all those late night outs a single person prepared you for mamahood! At least you know what it's like to get by on very little sleep!

  8. Your post made me nostalgic, I revisited all the great days from single hood and all that which now I can't even dream of doing, still motherhood is special. I am sure if I am given a chance to relive single hood again, I won't like it at all. That's the power of motherhood ❤

    1. My thoughts exactly :) I had fun when I was single and sometimes I think I miss doing them. But when I think of having the chance to go back in time and live that life again, I think I will NEVER take it. My family is my life now :) Once you go mama, you never go back hahaha

  9. Before I became a mother my most coveted timepass was to read books at a strech. And now I have to read 1-2 pages at a time. Thus it takes almost 10 times the regular time to finish off the book

  10. Ha ha true to the T. Life changes completely after we become parents. Fyom the dresses we choose to the food we eat.. everything that we do revolves around these little bundles of energy and joy.

  11. Your thoughts echo mine! As a mom of two, I couldn't find a better way to describe how my life has turned around.

  12. I love this post, because it is all so true. Your comparisons are spot on. I haven't had a baby in a while, I had my son 9 years ago, but when I have my niece for the day, I go through most of things. Great post!

  13. it's a drastic change for me too, my life's like upside down, i have no clue which movie or music is releasing, i hum rhymes in shower, I eat non spicy food. your post is bang on.

  14. Oh wow! You know I think every mom who reads this will be able to relate to it. It's like looking in the mirror. And sometimes, I miss the single life too but when my tiny monster gives me a hug, my heart just melts. And oh btw, we are big pinkfong fans too! ;)

  15. Oh Yes, A moms life completely changes after the baby. Its like everything revolves only around kids once you have them. Great post.

  16. I so agree with this post.. even I have written two or more posts on this topic only. Motherhood is so overwhelming and it changes you overnight!

  17. Yes to all of these! I hadn't tried those apps before though so I'm going to have to look into them! Our little girl loves playing with my phone so it'd be nice to have something baby friendly on it :)

  18. Yes parenthood will change you but it's the best experience ever. Enjoy your compare and contrast of how vastly life changes you.

  19. Totally agree with your post...Definitely a drastic change but the journey is to enjoy the challenges and the unpredicatbly