Akee's My Little Pony-Themed Birthday Party

by - April 20, 2018

"Be a unicorn in a field of horses."

We just celebrated Akee's 4th birthday last weekend!  Since her current favorite show is My Little Pony, we decided to have a My Little Pony-themed birthday party.

I'm lucky to have a husband who's a good birthday planner.

Say "happy birthday" to my favorite model!

We started the party with an opening prayer, and some birthday messages.

Mommyla shared how our little girl really wanted to have a party. When Akee was asked what she wants when she grows up, she replied with "TOYS!"

We had a few games for the kids, for adults, and for both!

Akee participated in some of the games, too. Just look at that smile!

We then had dinner and a dance number from one of Akee's cousins.
Then there were a couple more games!

After which, we sang the traditional birthday song and have our celebrant blow her birthday cake!

We thanked everyone who came, and then distributed the goodies to the kids.

Special thanks to the following people who has made this event a success~! ♥

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Papa God who has showered us with so much undeserved blessings.
Thank You for giving us our little girl who has turned our world upside down, for her fourth birthday, and for all the people who loves her dearly.

I thank all of our family and friends who took the time to celebrate this special day with us.

I especially thank my husband for organizing this party (I'm only the support and idea, the implementation and looking for suppliers was his job hihi).

I also would like to mention my mother, Mommyla, who has contacted some of the suppliers for this event - stage decorations, the lechon, and the emcee. She also provided Akee's outfit for her birthday, and did her hair and make-up. Hahah! (No worries, it was just sunblock, lipstick, and a little eyebrow)

To our friends, the Bond Brothers, #JuicyMotherhoodTrueFriendsForKeeps, the Bashers, my Jumegaz, our friends from Odusee and Catapult, some of the DepEd family, and Vince's former boardmates, I thank you all for coming! You have filled the room with such joy with your presence. It wouldn't be as fulfilling if you weren't there to celebrate the day with us.

Thanks to AA BBQ for the food, and venue!

To PinkLemonade Balloons and Party Favors Cebu, thank you for the dessert buffet, the birthday cake, and the lootbags.

More photos below of what is included in their package.

Macaroons, donuts, crinkles, wafers, candies, cupcakes
Photo in a frame, marshmallows, gummy worms, cupcakes
Personalized birthday cake
Lootbags for the kids and kids at heart
Happy FOURth birthday ♥♥♥♥

Thank you to SkyLight's Party Needs, for the stage decoration and for the balloons.
Our little girl loved the stage so much! It makes her feel like a pony princess.

Thank you to the master of ceremonies, Sir Elton Mayol, for hosting this event. Even if it was on very short notice you still came and made the party more fun and alive. (Sir Elton also hosts team building activities and coordinates weddings. I will be leaving his contact details at the end of this post.)

I didn't have much photos or videos because I got busy making sure there's still enough food, checking on every guests, etc. So thank you to our dear friend, Janiel (Darling) for the lovely photos and for capturing our little girl's smiles during this event!

To my birthday girl, I wish you grow to be kinder and wiser, to love God, and to value family and friends. I will always thank God for you, and pray that He continually guide and protect you.
I love you always and forever ♥

♪ I'm a pony girl in a pony world. Life with magic, it's fantastic! ♫

Packages and Pricing:

AA BBQ 12k (100pax) consumable
free use of room and sound system
500 corkage fee
PinkLemonade Balloons and Party Favors Cebu  Dessert Buffet - 4.5k
Lootbags - 50/each
Delivery Fee - 250
Personalized Cake (2-layer icing cake) - 1699
SkyLight's Party Needs 3.5k
Lechon 5.5k
Emcee not stated (please contact for rate)

Contact Details:

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