My Dream Journal (The Little Prince Notebook)

by - January 07, 2019

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it."
- The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I've read the book when I was in high school. I cannot remember all of the details but I know it was one of my favorite classics - even bought a second book because I forgot who borrowed the first one, and they did not return it.

My sister knew I loved The Little Prince merchs so she gave me this Le Petit Prince notebook. ♥

The Little Prince Notebook

Monthly Grids

The notebook contains monthly grids that are undated, which means, I could start writing on it any time of the year.

Each grid has different designs. 
For this, I have already added dates using my washi tape.

Blank Pages

The blank or plain pages aren't blank at all! They have these cute designs and doodles from the book.

Even if nothing is written yet, they will never look dull and plain!

Black Pages

There are also black pages which is perfect for metallic pens.

Same with the "plain" pages, they aren't plain at all. 
They also have doodles from the book.

Ruled Pages

There are also a few ruled pages. They still have drawings and designs based from the book.

Why a Dream Journal

Now, if you have known me on a personal "planner-hoarder" level, you would know that whenever I get a new notebook, I end up not using it for a long time, and would just store it some place.

But for this notebook, I really want to use it so I was thinking really hard on what to use it for. Something that would make me use it often.

I started browsing on journaling ideas.
When I got to "dream", I remembered how I always write down my dreams on my daily journal and how sometimes it would take too much space.

That is when I decided to use this notebook to jot down my dreams so that I could have single go-to place when I record and re-read my dream entries.

All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.

Same as how all of us dreams, but only a few remembers the details of it.

I am always amazed at how creative our minds can be.
Our subconscious creates this whole new world where we go to every time we dream.

Remember when you dream, and people and places seem familiar?
It's like going to an alternate reality (like Never Land haha), and we just forget about it when we wake up.

I feel like if I could just write down every detail, I could put the pieces together and form a whole picture, maybe even draw a map of the places I've been to in my dreams.

Learn more about myself

When I started this dream journal, I was able to discover certain patterns and dream behaviors.
Like every time I dream of something dark (literally dark), or something eerie, there would always be the beach or the sea afterwards.

Am I scared of the sea? Or is the beach my go-to place when I feel terrified? Or does the sea symbolize something else?

I haven't done the interpretations yet, but somehow, I feel like my subconscious is telling me something more about myself. Like there is something more about me that I may not have been aware of yet.

There were also dreams that I stood for something, like a principle that I didn't realize I have.

I have mentioned (through my conscious self) that if I ever work on a hospital, it would be at the pharmacy! Haha. But in my dream, it was different. I was working at a pharmacy but deep inside I really wanted to work some place else that I am sure I could see the patients getting well.

Dreams tell me stories

In some of my dreams, I am a mere viewer.
I see stories of people and their struggles.

This is one of the first reasons why I fell in love with dreaming and why I love to write them down.
I used to write comics when I was in high school and my dreams contribute a lot to the stories. 

One of the recent dreams I had was about a broken-hearted girl who chose to move on.
She felt alone, so she created a clone to help her pick up the broken pieces.
My interpretation? Well, who else could help her but herself?

There are a few more stories and I would love to write about them. But I'll save them for some other time.

My dreams also give me new words, which I am sure are not really useful haha! But I just write them down in case I stumble upon these terms again in any of my dreams.

My Dream Journal


I write down keywords for each dream in the monthly grid.
This is how I was able to realize patterns right away.


This is from one of the earliest entries for this dream journal.
It's a bit too narrative because I didn't want to lose any detail.

The recent entries I have are now written in lists because they are more readable.

I also add a few doodles if I find the details hard to explain in words.


Remember I mentioned that my dreams give me out-of-this-world words?
I write them down on the ruled section of my notebook. Some of these words are "rufors", "safers", and "pariniria". If you want to know the meaning of these words, hit me a message. Haha!

Tips on Keeping a Dream Journal

I am no expert at dream journals! But if you wanted to start one, I could share some tips I have found useful in keeping a dream journal.

  • Write as soon as you wake up. Our dream memories fade. The later you write, the harder it would be to remember the details.
  • Include the date for each dream.
  • Write in as much details that you could remember. Doesn't have to be narrative. It could be in bullets. Listed details would also be much easier if you want to do the interpretation later on.

Do you have your own dream journal?
Or do you plan on starting one?

Let me know in the comments section below. ☺

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