What to Prepare When Having a Baby

by - June 11, 2019

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated for whatever products that may be mentioned in this post. 

I will start this by announcing that I am now a proud mom of three.
I just gave birth to my third baby last April.

I wouldn't be surprised that some expectant mom friends would ask me what to prepare for their coming babies.
So for reference, I am posting my own list of essential things to buy when having a baby.

Please know that even though I have three kids and all, I am no expert. The list here are based on my personal experience.

Newborn Clothes

I usually just prepare two weeks worth of newborn clothes, provided I could wash them at least once a week.
Infants grow really fast that these clothes won't fit them anymore in just a couple of months.

Mittens and Socks

Newborn may have long nails when they come out. And to be honest, I don't feel confident clipping their nails when they are still tiny. The mittens would prevent them from accidentally scratching themselves, and also to keep their palms, and feet warm.


Not too much. Just enough stock to keep their little heads warm.


To keep them warm and cozy.
I have also come across swaddle wraps which makes babies sleep longer and more comfortably.
Asides from ordinary baby blankets, I use the SwaddleMe wraps which is really nice, and easy to use, and comes with cute designs.

Burp Pads or Bibs or Hanky

For wet burps.

Baby Detergent

Babies have very sensitive skin. We need to make sure the soap we use for their clothes isn't too strong. I recommend Cycles. But you could always choose what brand works best for your baby.

Newborn Diapers

Okay, we know what that is.

Baby Wipes

For changing diapers. The brand I use is Giggles because it doesn't irritate the baby's skin, and it's not too wet.
Of course, you could always opt to use water, instead.

Changing Mat

You may not use this very much at home, but I recommend that you have to bring your own changing mat when going out.

Baby Bath Tub

Choose something comfortable and safe for the baby.

Baby Bath Soap

Use something mild for baby's sensitive skin. I'm using Lactacyd Baby. Most would recommend Cetaphil.

Towel (Bath)

I prepare two to three towels.

Wash Cloth or Cotton balls

For baths.

Baby Bed

This could be a crib, a nest, whatever is comfortable for you.
I personally prefer to co-sleep so I got my baby a bed from BabyCuddle PH. The great thing about this is this could be used for toddlers as well!
I also bought a snuggle nest by Baby Delight that I could easily carry. I use this when I need to go downstairs to do something, like eat lunch or something. I don't feel comfortable leaving baby alone upstairs, so I'd just bring this portable bed and lay baby there.

Above is the cuddle bed by BabyCuddle PH.
The one below is the Snuggle Nest Harmony by Baby Delight.

Baby Bottle

If you have plans to bottle-feed.

Baby Bottle Soap

I use Cradle because it's safe, non-toxic, and doesn't leave any harmful substances. No foul odor, too!

These are the things I find important to prepare when having a baby.
I also have another list for the mother. These may not be as essential, but they are nice to have.

Breast Pads

Don't you just hate it when milk leaks through your clothes?

Breastmilk Storage Bag

If you're planning to express and store milk, you should get these special storage bags for storing breastmilk - and they are pre-sterilized, too! I use Moby.

Breast Pump

That is if you want to use breast pumps. But I prefer to hand express.

Baby Sling or Baby Carrier

I stumbled upon this carrier from Infantino. Just check my Instagram post about it.

Being a mom of three, I have tried a lot of different carriers. And usually these carriers are not fit for a newborn. Then I found the Infantino Pull-On Knit Carrier which works like the baby sling wraps. It is very easy to use (except when we tried it the first time 😅), very comfortable, and works like magic! After putting baby in, just after a few steps, he's already asleep! Def my favorite carrier. . . . . . . Preset: Edith Piaf by @gummybearsworld #gummybearspreset . . . . . #dailyparenting #honestmom #momblog #momblogger #mommyblog #momswhoblog #mamablogger #thisismotherhood #justmomlife #letthembelittle #thesnapsociety #petitejoys #makeitblissful #mybeautifulmess #realmomtalk #momtalk #momsterthoughts #amomsterlife #infantino #pullonknitcarrier #infantinopullonknitcarrier #babywrap
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Nursing Cover

When you aren't comfortable breastfeeding without a cover.

Abdominal Binder

Just to help you get back in shape. You could apply some firming or post-natal lotion, too, if you want.

Nursing Bra and Clothes

To make nursing easier, and with style.

So those are the things I would buy when I am having a new baby.
But that's not all!

Asides from material things, here is another thing which I believe is very important:

Support System

Having a new baby is hard - whether it's the first or the nth child.
It's important to have your partner, your family, and friends that would support you in your new momster journey.

I am fortunate to have my family around me, who buys me food when I'm craving for something! Haha!

I'm also very grateful for my friends whom I could talk to anytime.

Thank you also to our nanny who looks after the kids just so I could eat and shower. Haha!

You may also see that there are communities online for new moms. However, these online groups don't really work for me. There was too much pressure, subtle mom-shaming, and a bit of competition going around on some groups. I'm not saying all online groups are like this. Maybe I just haven't joined in the correct support group. Or maybe it's just not for me.

Hobbies or Activities for Pastime

I have read of this quote saying that a mom always loses a piece of herself when she becomes a mom.
This might be true.
But, I say you should hold on to something that would still make you YOU.
Not saying that you shouldn't make sacrifices; it's just that you should still keep something that is about you. This could be as simple as a hobby.

You like to watch movies? Then go!

Find something that you would enjoy doing, something that would keep you sane.
Because let's admit it. We love our children with all of our hearts, but sometimes we just need a little break from them. Haha!

So there! I hope you find my list useful.
Let me know if you think there is something else I should include in this list. :)

Thank you for taking time to read.
Have a nice momster day!

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