How to Brush Teeth for Toddlers

by - August 14, 2019

For this post, I am going to share the dentist's advice on how to brush teeth for toddlers.

Please consult your dentist to see what treatment is suited for your child.

  • We are using Chex-It mouthwash. This is good for two (2) weeks only. 
  • Orahex could also be used.
  • Do not use mouthwash with too much alcohol. 
  • Use toothpaste that has 1000ppm. 
  • Do not use toothpaste that has no fluoride.
  • Do not wash off with water. Let the fluoride stay.
  • Brush each tooth properly.
So there! I hope this post is helpful to some. Hehe.

Bonus information from the dentist!

It is not how much sweets or carbohydrates we consume that damages the teeth. 
It's about how frequent we take them. 

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