Toddler Having Dental Problems

by - August 14, 2019

I actually have doubts of sharing this for the fear of getting mom-shamed.
Then I realized that some people are still going to judge anyway.

And then again, this should not even be my main concern.
What matters is that I recognize there is a problem, and that there is a solution to this problem.

I am sharing this in case a fellow mom having the same problem would come across this blog.
I would just want you to know you are not alone in this.
I was traumatized to ask for help due to bad experience.
But I would like you to know that there are still people out there very willing to help without judgment.

So, the reason for this post is that my daughter has dental problems.

Major cause was of bottle-feeding - this has been confirmed by the pediatric dentist.
She was on the bottle until three (3) years old. Supposedly, bottle should be stopped when a child reaches two (2) years old.

Another cause was poor hygiene. Her teeth doesn't get brushed regularly.

When some of her teeth started having cavities (and started aching), we visited different dentists.
All of them would say the same thing:

"Just wait for the milk teeth to come off. If she doesn't complain of the pain, that's okay. If she does, we'll just give pain relievers."

There's one dentist who, instead of treating my daughter's teeth, started ranting about how this could have been prevented, and how it is not easy (for him) to treat this. He then started "water-hosing" my daughter's teeth to teach me a lesson that I should have properly brushed her teeth which traumatizes her.
Since then, she never wanted to go to the dentist again.

Most people who would know that we took our daughter to the dentist would say we're overreacting. They say that children don't actually need to go to the dentist because milk teeth would just come off anyway.

That was more than a year ago. 

Just recently, our daughter got sick. Her gums are swelling.

She is actually sick in this photo.
We visited a pediatrician right after this event.
We visited a pediatrician who advised us to go see a pediatric dentist.
To be honest, I never knew we actually have a pediatric dentist here! I only see them in YouTube, and I always wished we have it here in Cebu. I guess I didn't look enough.
I also wondered why the dentists we have visited before never recommended us to go see a pediatric dentist.

This dentist is different!
She examined my daughter's teeth.
She doesn't have the "wtf-expression" on her face.
She didn't treat it as a hopeless case.
She welcomes us as patients who need help, not people to scold at.

This is not the first time she's seen this. And I was relieved.
I was relieved that I am not alone.
I was relieved that someone understands the problem.
I was relieved that my daughter could still be treated.
I was relieved that not all dentists are mean.

Dr. Ang-Lim, the pediatric dentist, presented a treatment plan - something the other dentists didn't do.
She's saddened by the fact that many people, including dentists, would not take treatment for the milk teeth seriously just because these aren't permanent.

She explained that this would greatly affect the quality of life if left untreated.
Children suffering from toothache would lose focus.
They would be unable to eat well.
They will be in pain - and that is something we never want.

She also doesn't want children to be terrified of going to the dentists, so she felt sorry for the traumatic experience we had encountered.

I am so happy my daughter would finally get the treatment she needs.

If your child ever have dental problems, please don't hesitate to visit a pediatric dentist.

Larissa Ann Ang Lim, DMD
Dentistry - Pediatrics
Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue & Cancer Center
Rm. 602 Medical Art Bldg.
Clinic Hours: Monday to Saturday 8AM - 12NN; 1PM - 4PM
(032)406 02226 | 0917 770 9670

Don't listen to people saying you're being too much when you want your child's milk teeth treated.
This is your child's health we're talking about.
Get the dental treatment your child needs.

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