About the Blog

We all have monster days - days which tests our patience and sanity - thus, the inspiration of this blog's name.

This is merely an online journal where I dump random musings.
Just a dose of how crazy, messy, yet beautiful, and meaningful life is.

About the Blogger

Hi! I am Aya.

I am a wife of a curly-haired frontend developer who is both my best friend and my worst enemy. Haha!

I am also a mother of three children, all of whom has turned my life (and parts of the house) upside down!

I am a doodler who loves to draw chibis! I also make stickers out of my doodles.

I am a planner who loves to write things on journals.

I used to call myself a blogger, but really, I just happened to have a blog. My blog has been on for more than 10 years, and I think this is just merely a place I could dump my thoughts to.

I am a software/web developer.

I wish to write more stuffs about the struggles and challenges I face as a parent and all the lessons I learn of having a family of my own. :)

I easily get frustrated and emotional at almost anything, but I'm sparing this blog from all the rants and melodramatic posts from now on.

Live. Laugh. Love.